Research and Study

The research and study activity moves along four main lines of study:
- The industrial scenarios, the competitiveness and the processes of technological and organizational innovation of companies.
- Information and consultation rights and participation of workers in companies, both in the local and transnational dimension
-  The health and safety of workers, the dissemination of good prevention practices and safety management systems
- Corporate social responsibility, sustainable development,
environmental defense.


Medici e scienziati italiani nell'Organizzazione Internazionale del Lavoro. L'Italia e la costruzione di un sistema globale per la salute e sicurezza al lavoro 
The general objective of the project is to analyze the contribution that the ILO (International Labor Office) has produced in the field of occupational health and safety protection, delving into the contribution made by Italian scientists and doctors in an international context.
The research phase begins with the identification, collection and arrangement of historiographic sources in archives in Italy and abroad (such as the ILO Archives in Geneva) that preserve unpublished and hard-to-find informational documentation. In order to make these sources available to the project partners and in the future also to a wider scientific audience, the project envisages that the selected documents will undergo a thorough cataloguing operation.
Subsequently, the project envisages the creation of a repository through the acquisition of digital copies of the funds deemed of greatest interest. Actual implementation at the DBMS level and preparation for eventual publication on the Web is planned.


From basic knowledge to advanced skills for European Works Councils’ members
The project enabled EWC members from multinational companies in different sectors to achieve advanced skills and knowledge in order to establish a proper dialogue with management, understand changes and make fair decisions.


“Capacity building of environmental management units in metal sector"
The project has established a strategic partnership between social partners, research institutes, and educational/academic institutions, strengthening mutual cooperation and fruitful exchange of good practices in the field of health and safety, with special reference to environmental policies. Strengthening the European and Turkish network is the key to addressing the challenging issue of vocational and continuing education. The partnership has carried out a fruitful dialogue on good practices in the field of environmental protection policies and health and safety-related risks adopted at the company level. A textbook has been produced on the topic of health and safety and protection in the environmental field.


The project promoted women's representation in managerial positions in the private corporate sector by establishing direct contacts between Italian and Turkish civil society organizations in the field of women's empowerment, gender equality and equal opportunity. The project provided specific knowledge tools. The results of these activities were collected in two reports: a first report focused on the research and study phase; and a second report based on the positions that emerged during the roundtable discussion.