About us

Created in 1984, SindNova is a recognized non-profit, independent association with four decades of experience and cultural elaboration, at national, European and international level, in the field of:
- labor relations, models and practices of representation, bargaining and employee involvement in companies
- establishment and operation of European works councils (EWCs) in multinational companies
- organization and working conditions
- prevention strategies, health protection and management of workers' safety in the workplace
- corporate social responsibility
- sustainable development and environmental protection.
A characteristic profile of SindNova is the constant attention to the European and international dimension of legislation and economic and social policies.
The institute participates in transnational networks and partnerships with universities, research institutes, social partner organizations and companies.
SindNova has promoted, with the "G. D'Annunzio" University of Chieti and Pescara and other Italian and European universities, the "International School of Industrial Relations in the Mediterranean".
SindNova is associated with Ecoman Srl, a spin-off promoted and participated by the "Carlo Bo" University of Urbino, with the aim of offering, in Italy and abroad and with a multidisciplinary approach, environmental and environmental consultancy services hygiene and safety to companies, trade unions, NGOs and public bodies.
SindNova offers high-profile annual training to members of European Works Councils from different sectors and multinational groups.