Continuous Training 

The SindNova training courses have as a priority objective that of strengthening the skills of the workers, the "know-how" aimed at supporting the dialogue on central issues for company development. 
 We are of the opinion that workers and human resources managers represent key resources to be trained together, in order to make the exercise of their functions of representation, information, consultation and participation more effective in dialogue with the management of multinational companies.
The SindNova trainings are characterized by a mixed methodological approach, developed in fact, on the one hand around interventions and insights from experts and specialists; on the other hand, from experiential facilitations, active and cooperative learning through gaming and metaphors, direct testimonies on cases, team coaching and design workshops. Each training module includes in-depth materials, project work, practical tools that can be used immediately and the availability of a network of contacts and consultants to support specific needs after the courses. Furthermore, while keeping the models and theoretical approaches as a reference, the Sindnova staff "co-designs" and contextualizes the training course, following a specific analysis of the company situation.

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